Plumosa Fern

Plumosa Fern Asparagus setaceus Light: Medium. Try to avoid direct sunlight. Temperature: Warm. Will grow at cool as well. Moisture: Dry. Young plants require moist conditions. Notes: Great beginner plant. The Asparagus fern orginates from West Africa. Mature plants will often produce small, fragrant white flowers, followed by bright red berries.    

Succulent Care Tips

I promise anyone can grow succulents! Read on for the tips to help you succeed.

How To Propagate Succulents

One of the best things about keeping succulents is the ease of propagation. For most varieties, a pup, branch, or even a single leaf can make a whole new plant.

Tillandsia Care Tips

While tillandsias are generally low maintenance plants, just a little care and attention will give you the best results for happy, healthy plants.