I promise anyone can grow succulents! Read on for the tips to help you succeed.

Succulents should be the easiest plants in your house or garden, but I find that many people were given wrong or no information when they bought succulent planters or terrariums. Below are some basic tips for succulent care, although there may be some variation with different species. If you’re not sure about a plant you’re buying, be sure to ask someone for care instructions before you leave.


The most important rule: NEVER ‘MIST’ YOUR SUCCULENTS! The opposite of air plants, succulents absorb very little or no water through their leaves, but through their roots instead. Misting your succulents with a spray bottle is probably the fastest way to kill them, since the roots dry up and the plant itself rots from too much surface moisture. A water bottle is a great tool, but you must use it on the stream setting, and aim for the soil at the base of the plants, avoiding the leaves as much as possible. The amount of water required will change with the plant variety and location. Most sedums like water once a week, while cacti generally can get watered once or twice a month if kept indoors or in the shade.


The amount of light succulents need really depends on the variety. Most succulents prefer full sun for at least part of the day, but many varieties can tolerate or actually want all day shade. This is something to ask when you’re purchasing your plants. Keep in mind many succulents change color with light exposure, so your plant may not look the same if you move it to a new location.


Always make sure that you plant succulents in a light, well-draining potting soil. It doesn’t have to say ‘succulent’ or ‘cactus’ per se, but the bag should feel light and fluffy when you pick it up versus a heavy wet mix. Succulents can also root in sphagnum moss, which is usually used in succulent wreaths and vertical planters.